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2Touch V4 Next Generation Payment Processing

2TouchPOS Masters of Speed! Cash Transactions in just 2 Touches. You're HERE! You have a bit more to learn about payment options and the flexibility you're going to get with your 2TouchPOS System. Cash, Gift Cards, Discounts, Specials, Gift Certificates and Streamlined Payment Processing. We are moving fast to keep up with the payment options that are presented in this industry. 2TouchPOS has flexibility. Talk to us;  we can help you get what you need.

Our Account Managers are here to explain available Payment Processing Tactics. What might fit your business best and, since we have all worked in the industry; we have the knowhow to BOOST your Payment Processing Power. Working to leverage it as a business tool! Make the most of your Payment Processing Talk to our Account Managers TODAY!

With 2TouchPOS you'll be able to take advantage of over a Decade of Point of Sale and Payment Processing Experience. We encourage you to protect yourself from potential risks with a PCI Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Solution.  P2PE protects cardholder data from the time you accept payment, to the point it's handed off for processing. We have researched and are working to build your confidence in the P2PE solution that we recommend to protect your customer information and reduce your risk. The video below further explains this information.

We have a PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Solution Partner

2TouchPOS Credit Card Integration

Let's Touch Upon the Main POINTS:

  • 2Touch version 4 (v4) and higher is EMV compliant.  
  • We bring you a quality Credit Card and Payment Processing system. We offer Mobile Payments, a Secure Payment System, Merchant Services, a full variety of Payment Options, an entire development team and a fantastic Solutions Team; THERE WHEN YOU NEED THEM!
  • We receive the setup sheet for your account directly. We are with you every step of the way!

Contact US to Learn More About Payment Options:

The 2TouchPOS System can process:

  • Cash, Credit, Gift Certificates, Groupons and Coupons
  • Payments through Customer Accounts
  • Different Currency TYPES
  • Gift Cards, Loyalty and Reward Cards, Membership Discounts
  • (You Choose) And YOU Can set up options for Additional Payment Methods such as Apple Pay, Android Pay etc. 


Our 2TouchPOS Account Managers will tell YOU about Payment Flexibility!


2TouchPOS is everything you need; manage YOUR Business!

With simple; intuitive User Interface